Choosing a Wipe Manufacturer

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wipe Manufacturer

Choosing the ideal wet manufacturer for your brand can be quite a challenge. Given that those are products consumers use fairly often, it’s reasonable to go the extra mile before you find a trustworthy manufacturer. This is especially true when it comes to wet wipes.

It’s no secret that wet wipes are one of the most multifunctional products people can use in their daily routine. They are widely used for everything from cleaning, removing makeup to personal hygiene.

Apart from being dangerous for the skin and body, some of these products can be extremely harmful to the environment.

After the pandemic has taken the world by storm the wet wipe manufacturing has been growing in a flash. The good thing is that more and more companies are raising awareness of the damage the excessive wet wipe usage and waste can cause. This makes the wet wipes brand put extra effort into producing eco-friendly products. You’ll need a resourceful, innovative, and accessible manufacturer to move from your vision of the perfect product to reality.

Given the importance of wet wipes in our hygiene and daily life, we recommend doing yourself, and the consumers favor and carefully choose your wet wipe supplier.

Here are four things you need to consider when choosing a wet wipe manufacturer:

Wide Range of Formats, Materials, and Technologies for Manufacturing

Quality requires innovation and resources. Given that more and more companies are shifting to producing biodegradable and eco-friendly wet wipes, having the right technology is of utmost importance. Make sure your ideal manufacturer is resourceful enough to bring to life your vision of safe and effective products.

The ingredients of traditional wet wipes include spunlace nonwoven fabric. They require cutting-edge technology that can entangle the fibers and make them bind without using any weaving techniques. This will give you the nonwoven fabric-like integrity to be used as the basics.

There’s a lot of innovation involved while making biodegradable wipes as well. Opt for the manufacturer that has the right range of formats, materials, and techniques you need for your products.

Customized Product Creation

Whether you want to create wet wipes for personal care, hygiene, or cleansing wipes you’ll need your own flair in each product. This is where the importance of customized product creation comes in. Rest your choice on the manufacturers that are ready to put their expertise into crafting a unique product customized specifically to your needs. From formulations to packaging options, everything needs to be the way you exactly imagine it to be.

Testing Laboratories

The global wet wipes market is facing severe criticism, given that the waste and environmental damage the non-flushable products cause. In addition, most wet wipe products are applied to baby skin and bottom, thus, they need to be 100% safe and tested. You need to choose a wet wipes manufacturing company that uses the production process that is fully compliant with the EDANA/INDA standards. You can only be sure about your product if it passes all the required tests.

Find a cost-effective and safe option when the manufacturer offers independent testing in laboratories.

Among other factors to consider while choosing the best private label wipe manufacturer for you are deliverability, pricing, and speed that doesn’t compromise the quality. You're going to face fierce competition out there as the popularity and consumption of wet wipes seems to be growing rapidly. Meaning you need a manufacturer that will help to keep pace and get ahead of the competition.

Choose a Partner, not just a Manufacturer

Your ideal manufacturer needs to share your values. Try to find yourself a partner instead of a manufacturer—that will equally care about the result.